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Microsoft Office Access is a relational database management system which enables users to build simple applications to store, analyse and use information across the Office suite.

Our Access: Introduction course allows users to gain an understanding of some of the major features and functions within Access, with practical hands on training in how to set up a basic database, adding and deleting records, designing tables and work with data. Students will also take a look at using inbuilt forms, queries and reports for easy input and analysis.

The Access: Intermediate course helps participants to build on their basic understanding of Access, in order to produce more comprehensive and robust database applications. Attendees will gain experience in the theory and application of creating a database; creating more complex queries and enhancing data entry and reporting with forms and reports.

Our Access: Advanced course helps students to develop relational databases. Students will learn to design databases incorporating different types of table relationships, use data validation and referential integrity, create queries to update and summarize data, build custom forms and reports for multiple data sources and create output for the internet.